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First open-source Monero mining pool using decentralized p2pool as a hashrate-liquidity provider for frequent payouts
(approx. 0 times/hour if above 0.00 XMR)

—Give us your old-MineXMR2.com meme image-school hashrate!—

Established 2022-09-15

The name MineXMR2 is inspired by departed old-school MineXMR pool as its variant 2 using conceptual decentralized p2pool. In no way this pool is related to original MineXMR. In 2024 we celebrate 2nd anniversary of our mining pool! Join us with mining today to give the ultimate benefits.
(Statistics API url (JSON-RPC): https://minexmr2.com/stats)
Pool Statistics
Hashrate:service unavailable
Round hashrate:
Round hashes:
Payment threshold:
Pool fee:
Pool port:
Pool SSL port:
Allow self-select:
Miners connected:
Last payout:0.010098520999 XMR @ 2023-04-06UTC08:21:09 to 1 miners
(Statistics API url (JSON-RPC): https://minexmr2.com/stats)
P2Pool Statistics
Hashrate:service unavailable
Mean hashrate 24h:
Local hashrate:
Incoming connections:
Outcoming connections:
Blocks found:
Last block found:
Last block height:
(Statistics API url (JSON-RPC): https://minexmr2.com/stats)
Network Statistics
Hashrate:service unavailable
Last block found:
Last block height:
(Statistics API url (JSON-RPC): https://minexmr2.com/stats)
Miner Statistics
Your hashrate:
Mean hashrate 24h:
Pending balance:
Last payout:
Miner address:
Killer Feature 1
Quick start domain (stratum): minexmr2.com.
Pool port: 4444.
TLS pool port: 8443

...And your valid Monero address (4... or 8...). That's all you need to start mining on MineXMR variant 2 pool. No registration, no cookies, no 3rd party scripts loaded from other domains, no personal data collection. No pain with self-maintain your full-fledged p2pool/monerod node (gupax helps but can't avoid all the headache). Your account will be created automatically on a first share accepted. You receive payments each time your pending balance grows above 0.01XMR threshold (today worth just $1.5-1.6). You can use any Monero miner.

Currently xmrig is the only officially supported, both NoTLS and TLS connection modes. Here are ready to use xmrig config files. Just place one of it in the same directory with xmrig executable and run it. Do not forget to replace XMR address in config-notls or config-tls. to your one. Or, if you just want to donate, don't change anything.

Extremely high performance Monero Stratum protocol proxy, xmrig-proxy, is now officially supported.

Pool minexmr2.com is especially recommended for those miners who are connected to top 3 mining pools by hashrate to fight against Curse of Rank-size distribution. Most of the time, top 3 pools by hashrate are Nanopool, SupportXMR, Hashvault.pro. If you are connected to one of them, switch to minexmr2.com immediately!

Killer Feature 2
Effective hashrate provided by decentralized p2pool makes your payouts regular and adaptive in amount

No more tears about pool's hashrate and how often new block is being found. Payments from p2pool inside are being received on every block found by p2pool with its current hashrate. All the billing is accurately performed by MineXMR2 pool based on PPLNS concept, thus your pending balance is being updated on every block found by p2pool too. Each time it reaches 0.01XMR, automatic payout to you will be performed.

Consider, for example, typical p2pool's hashrate is 145Mh/s, network hashrate is 2.67GH/s, average number of blocks found by p2pool is 1.62 blocks per hour. Thus, you will receive your pending balance updates nearly 1.62 times per hour, amounts are proportional to your miner's hashrate (PPLNS). Because each time your balance reaches 0.01XMR you receive the payment, if your own hashrate is great enough, you can receive payouts as often as approx. 1.62 times per hour.

Not that 0.01XMR is just a minimum payout threshold. Real payouts are adaptive in volume. High hashrate miners find this pool pretty useful, as their payout chunk amount depends on the mining hashrate. For example, given some 10MH/s-20MH/s lead to 0.02XMR-0.03XMR payout chunks.

Killer Feature 3
No more headache from "p2pool vs p2pool mini" dilemma

Although dust payments like 0.0003XMR chunks from p2pool mainchain have gone since p2pool hard-fork , end-user pain with p2pool remains. P2pool mini, from one hand, has low hashrate that forces low hashrate miners to frustrate by waiting payouts up to few days. Also, p2pool mini does not completely save miners from dust payments. Thus, low hashrate miners often consider to switch back to p2pool mainchain. P2pool mainchain, from other hand, for low hashrate miners, results in rare, irregular payouts (though in relatively large chunks like 0.001XMR after hard-fork). That's because PPLNS window of p2pool main has significantly shrunk after hard-fork. As a result, a whole class of questions like "I mine on p2pool (mini) for a long time, but still no payouts" constantly appears on r/MoneroMining ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ).

MineXMR2 pool solves the "p2pool vs p2pool mini" dilemma. In a cost of trust in our pool doesn't steal your pending 0.01XMR balance (that is roughly worth $1.5) you can always observe true regular payouts each time your balance exceeds the 0.01XMR threshold. And, more important, you can always monitor the updates to your pending balance before it reaches 0.01XMR. Each update is coming every moment MineXMR2 receives a payment from a p2pool instance inside, i.e. 2-3 times per hour. In a nutshell, you can check whether your miner is properly configured and functioning within just a hour or two!

Killer Feature 4
MineXMR2 is an open-source mining pool written in C programming language under GPLv3 license

Pool implementation in C is forked from jtgrassie's monero-pool and based on libevent and lmdb. Just nearly 10% of code is added/rewritten, because jtgrassie's monero-pool offers a robust base to develop MineXMR2 pool as a proxy to decentralized p2pool. MineXMR2 is ultra-fast, fault-tolerant and can be up-scaled on many servers using haproxy requests scheduling.

You may start your own pool, with your additional services like miner statistics graphics, automatic payments on miner's demand, etc. We can help you with configuration, deployment and fine-tuning. Let's empower decentralized p2pool much more together! Feel free to write email to minexmr2@tutanota.com.

If you found a bug or have a proposal, you can create a GitHub/ GitLab issue. We have implemented the miner's hashrate charts, p2pool hashrate charts, miner's payment history, pool total payment history and many other useful features.

The Mission
Against Curse of RANK-SIZE distribution in Mining world

As all of you must know, Crypto notion is not defined as some transactional infrastructure based on cryptography. Cryptography is just a first historically appeared technology to guarantee all the transactions in the Crypto world must be IRREVERSIBLE. Yes, there is only one property of Crypto notion that is necessary and sufficient to make a definition of the Crypto entity:


All other properties are just derivatives from that most fundamental property. For example, a property to be your own bank, in other words, to hold the full responsibility yourself if you got scammed by somebody.

But let us return to irreversible transactions. Indeed, historically, irreversible transactions are implemented by running the same special kind of cryptographic algorithms by all the Crypto network participants simultaneously. Decentralization is coming here. Participants running cryptographic software are not organized in a hierarchical relation but rather form an ONE RANK peer-to-peer network. All the participants are interchangeable, symmetric, no one is emphasized, there are no masters or slaves.

But ONE RANK networks are pretty rarely found in real life. All the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, sociology lead to so called RANK-SIZE distribution in any use-case, where an innocent mind expects UNIFORM distribution.

Thus, RANK-SIZE distribution is the CURSE of all the Crypto world since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

First of all, there is still no one well working yet perfectly decentralized exchange. Several centralized exchanges, if they were distributed uniformly by popularity between customers, might form a good approximation of a whole decentralized exchange. If it were the case, each customer should select a centralized exchange for every next currency conversion RANDOMLY. But in real life, the popularity of centralized exchanges has the cursed RANK-SIZE distribution, furthermore in its worst case: Almost all the people (90% by money flow) use the f@cking BINANCE.

I am Florida Haunted from Bitcointalk 2014 and I had already seen the end of RANK-SIZE distribution: Mt. Gox. Crypto people, you are all under the severe CURSE of RANK-SIZE distribution where as few as just 1-3 TOP participants do control the whole industry. Consequently, if they get scammed or ruined by state regulators, the whole industry will be devastated.

Mining industry is as well in deep hard under the CURSE of RANK-SIZE distribution. Given any coin, TOP 3 mining pools are occupying above 70% of total network hashrate. Despite the fact there is decentralized p2pool software for some coins, it does not change the game. The reason is simple: p2pool IS NOT a mining pool in the traditional sense but rather a composite of software to be built, deployed, connected to each other, running, upgraded, maintained on the responsibility basis of every peer-to-peer end-user participant (the miner).

The CURSE of RANK-SIZE distribution is one of the reasons I have developed and established minexmr2.com, first open-source Monero mining pool using decentralized p2pool as a hashrate-liquidity provider for frequent payouts. I have to emphasize my work couldn't be possible without jtgrassie's monero-pool and SChernykh's p2pool, because source code of minexmr2.com is based on jtgrassie's monero-pool and SChernykh aims me a lot in fine tuning the p2pool instance itself.

I do recommend all the miners to use p2pool directly if they have resources and time to deploy and maintain the node. Gupax may help a lot as it automates many routines. In coins other than Monero, corresponding implementations of p2pool or even gupax also exist, I believe. But p2pool is not a mining pool, as it was mentioned above, it is a piece of software interacting with other pieces of software you must build, run, connect, maintain for your own responsibility. MineXMR2 on the other hand, is just exactly a CLASSIC VANILLA MINING POOL, you can switch to INSTANTLY. And hereby I ask every person reading this, a person that has no resources to establish his own p2pool instance, AND connected to any of TOP 3 mining pools by hashrate, switch to the minexmr2.com.

MineXMR2 is a full-fledged classic mining pool with hashrate charts, payment history, pending balance, many other features. It makes automatic payouts with typical p2pool frequency (some 2-3 times a hour), if your pending balance is above 0.01XMR (today worth some $1.5-$1.6). Tell that to all your friends and share on your social media.

Together we make RANK-SIZE distribution UNIFORM and rescue the Crypto world from the CURSE of RANK-SIZE distribution!!!

Useful Resources
Some Monero-related 3rd party resources we found useful

Other Monero mining pools based on p2pool inside:

  • www.aterx.com, typical hashrate 355KH/s, uses p2pool mini, payment threshold 0.005XMR, payouts every Sunday
  • www.minerno.de, typical hashrate 41KH/s, uses p2pool mini, payment threshold 0.0004XMR, payouts on demand, 0% fees, stats API here.

Monero exchanges without KYC/AML:

  • kycnot.me, a most comprehensive one-love list of CEXes and DEXes that don't require KYC/AML.

Current Monero price averaged from all the exchanges:

  • coinmarketcap.com, a well known leader accumulating various info on cryptocurrencies.

Instant anonymous service that finds the best Monero price and performs the exchange process automatically:

  • trocador.app, a modern way to exchange your crypto at best price; their site even doesn't use Javascript.

Please Donate!
Your donations are ultimately welcome

If you find MineXMR2 as a good project to support decentralized p2pool hashrate, please donate XMR or BTC to further development. Our goal is to bring all the p2pool decentralized capabilities to every miner, without time/resource costs to deploy, upgrade, maintain the p2pool instance by himself.

Donate XMR: 4AoKL73JHbJWSws7exQyxMYwgEvqkrpxX6hiLwLA8YXyESLHVCk7r9djR8fmeaDMSABCryvu1PjUGDYmQnkBNHum9NhDpbW

Donate BTC: bc1qmg0jc8lnsqx82096cknfn9a8q6e723gm3kw23t

Pool and site implementation of minexmr2.com is open source and mirrored on both GitHub, GitLab.

Support email if something goes wrong (especially with automatic payouts): minexmr2@tutanota.com.